Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

At JTS, we understand that being caught up in a dispute is sometimes unavoidable, as much as you may hate it. However when a dispute does occur, it is important to get some straight forward advice.

If you’re involved in a dispute, whether it’s related to a business or commercial relationship, it is important to consider property and construction. We deal with the landlord and tenant issues that arise following a dispute, allowing a lot of weight to be lifted off of your shoulders.

With our years of experience, we are able to deal with a variety of different disputes. This includes:

– Arbitration
– Adjudication
– Expert Determination
– Mediation

You can be sure that we will be able to identify and successfully use the correct resolution method to suit your situation best. This way, we will be able to secure the best possible outcome for you and your business.

While we are not able to stop the dispute from occurring in the first place, we will go leaps and bounds out of our way in order to guarantee that it was resolved to your satisfaction in the quickest way possible.

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