Local business owner avoids ban in court

JTS were successful yesterday in arguing that a local business owner would not be able to continure to run his business if he were to be disqualified from driving. The court accepted our arguments and allowed him to continue driving despite being on 15 points.

“Very happy with the result James, thank you for all your help.I will definitely be using JTS again if ever needed”

Driver Victim of Fraud Acquitted in 2 Courts

A Manchester businessman who had been then subject of fraud where a vehicle used for criminal activity was registered in his name and who faced allegations throughout the UK has been successful in contesting all of this cases and having a marker placed on the police system to prevent it re-occurring. If you believe you have been the subject of driving fraud please contact us for further advice.

Driver who received 17 speeding fines saves driving licence

We were able to ensure that a Client who received 17 speeding fines was allowed to keep her licence with a maximum of only 6 points. If you have a number of fines that you were not aware of or have not had a chance to deal with it may not be too late to remove any points imposed by the court and or remove a large fine. call on 0800 002 9705 or email us on enquiries@jtssolicitors.com for free initial advice.